That 1199 SEIU, which purports to support workers, did not have the home attendants’ back is atrocious. Interestingly, 1199’s slogan is “quality and good jobs for all.” Going against workers and siding with the company that forced a 24-hour shift and stole wages from workers goes against everything that 1199 SEIU purports to stand for. We ask that you show solidarity with us by urging President George Graham of 1199 SEIU to stand with the home care workers and to demonstrate that the union truly practices what it preaches.

Letter from a supporter:

Shirley Ranz                                                                                                            June 3, 2016


1199 SEIU President George Gresham
1199 Healthcare Workers East
310 W 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036

Dear President Gresham,

As a former long-time member and delegate of 1199 and as the daughter of elderly and disabled parents who receive care from home attendants, I was shocked and disappointed to learn about the union’s anti –worker position in the case of the Chinese workers, who rightly sued the Chinese American Planning Council for non-payment of overtime for over 6 years. Home care workers are grossly underpaid, receive no overtime pay, and should have the right to go to court for just compensation.

That 1199 supports mandatory arbitration and a cut in wages is incomprehensible. Historically 1199 has fought for the rights of workers. This position must be continued.

Yours truly,

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